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Sebring Probate Attorneys

Probate is the process of settling a deceased person’s estate. This is your job as the personal representative, and it can be very difficult to handle on your own. You need a seasoned estate administration attorney’s guidance and support to ensure probate goes as efficiently as possible and honors the deceased’s final wishes.

Your Guide Through Estate Administration in Sebring

Since 2003, Karlson Law Group, has helped the people of Sebring, Florida, with matters related to estate administration and probate. We take the confusion out of the process with our trusted advice and assistance with court filings and other necessary steps. Our representation helps personal representatives (also known as executors) avoid errors, get the decedent’s will accepted into probate court, distribute assets, settle debts and perform other tasks efficiently and correctly. Working with us reduces the burden and stress you might be experiencing.

Effective Probate Litigation

Challenges to the validity of the will, requests to replace the personal representative and disputes with creditors are rare, but they happen occasionally in probate court. Our lawyers have decades of litigation experience representing personal representatives, heirs and other parties. We will work to settle the dispute reasonably and with minimal delay to the probate process. If trial is necessary, we will be thoroughly prepared to argue your case before the court.

Available For Consultations

Contact Karlson Law Group, today to make an appointment for an initial consultation. You can reach our office at 863-349-3015 or via email. We have represented clients in Sebring since 2003. Our office is located in Lake Placid.