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What happens when a loved one dies?

When you lose a loved one, your first contact is usually with the funeral home. They assist you in ordering death certificates. The court will only record a Florida death certificate which does not include a cause of death for privacy reasons.

Once you have an original death certificate, it is a good idea to call an attorney to advise you on next steps. If a person dies without a will, they have an intestate estate and the Florida Statutes dictate to whom their assets are distributed.

If a person has a validly executed last will and testament, it is submitted to the court for probate. The person named in the will to serve as personal representative is appointed by the court, if they meet the proper qualifications. The personal representative is then tasked with gathering all the assets, paying the creditors and taxes of decedent and then distributing the remainder to the beneficiaries named in the will.

If a person has a revocable living trust, the named successor trustee is empowered to distribute the assets titled in the trust to those named as beneficiaries. It is usually a quicker and less expensive process than a probate.

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