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Helping You Understand Trust Administration

An attorney is helpful during a Trust Administration to advise the successor trustee on the steps to take after the death of the Settlor/Grantor.  A Trust Administration involves those assets which were funded into the trust during the Settlor/Grantor’s life, or which pass to the trust as beneficiary at the Settlor/Grantor’s death. Every situation is different, but generally a Trust Administration involves the following:

  1. Preparing and Filing a Notice of Trust with the proper county court.
  2. Giving timely notice to interested parties of trust administration.
  3. Preparation and execution of acceptance of successor trusteeship
  4. Inventory preparation
  5. Directing need for appraisals
  6. Directing need for CPA to file necessary tax returns
  7. Assisting with in kind distribution or liquidation of assets
  8. Deed preparation
  9. Obtaining tax identification number for the trust
  10. Drafting and obtaining consents of all beneficiaries to distributions.

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