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Creating A Revocable Living Trust

Creating and funding a Revocable Living Trust is one way to avoid probate. What is the advantage of avoiding probate? It normally saves time and expense for your beneficiaries. A Revocable Living Trust can only distribute items which are funded into it, so trust funding is crucial. An estate could bear the expense of both a probate and a trust administration if the Trust is not properly funded.

The Advantages Of A Trust

A Revocable Living Trust allows you to:

  • Name a trustee to oversee your trust distribution after your passing
  • Your trustee can also act during your lifetime if you are incapacitated or cannot serve for any reasons
  • Avoid court supervision and delay
  • Save money on Florida Statutory probate fees
  • Fund real property from multiple states to avoid probate in more than one location
  • Have power beyond the grave to distribute assets over time and not all at once
  • Plan for beneficiaries who are minors, have an incapacity, who receive needs based government benefits, or who have chemical dependency issues, and more

While a trust is a cornerstone document to an estate plan, it is still only one part. We can help you explore other needed parts such as health care and financial power of attorney for your lifetime.

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