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An Experienced Firm For Your Quiet Title And Tax Deed Needs

The Florida real estate market can prove lucrative for savvy investors. As buyers navigate the real estate landscape, they may encounter certain encumbrances that can cloud a real estate transaction. Tax deed and quiet title issues, however, do not have to be insurmountable hurdles – the right attorney can offer valuable assistance in such instances.

At our firm, Karlson Law Group, we often assist real estate buyers with their quiet title and tax deed legal needs. With office in Lake Placid, we can help a sizable base of individuals throughout Highlands County.

What Is A Quiet Title Action?

When a property features judgements or liens, it can make for a complicated transaction. Fortunately, in the state of Florida, you can resolve such matters in civil court. A quiet title action allows you to remove any such issues from a property while also terminating the rights of any of the other claimants, making it similar to a marketable title.

A quiet title action can be a useful tool for real estate investors. At our firm, we understand these nuanced and complex cases, and we can guide you through the process with the committed advocacy that you deserve.

A Tax Deed As A Transfer Of Ownership

When a property owner fails to pay their property taxes, the state can issue a tax certificate. This document can then be sold at public auction, where it serves as a lien. The purchaser can then apply a for tax deed after a period of two years, and if it is successfully issued, a tax deed sale can provide a transfer of ownership.

A tax deed can work in concert with a quiet title, as the latter can help erase any clouds on the title. These types of real estate transactions are complicated, but they can offer value. With the aid of an experienced attorney, a tax deed can be a viable real estate purchase solution.

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