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Helping You Understand The Probate Process

Probate is necessary whenever a person dies owning any assets in their name alone without a listed beneficiary. Drafting a Will does not avoid probate, but it does give one control to state how they desire their assets to be distributed instead of the State of Florida deciding for them. This legal mechanism can be complicated and costly, but with effective representation, you can ensure that your loved one’s assets are distributed in a way that best mirrors their wishes.

At Karlson Law Group, P.A., we boast extensive experience in Florida probate law. Our attorneys can assist clients in the Highlands County area as they seek to:

  • Authenticate the Last Will and Testament
  • Locate any viable assets
  • Settle any debts and notify creditors

Our firm is prepared to help you as you navigate the probate process, as well as estate administration, trust administration and estate planning issues. With a committed probate attorney by your side, you can seek a more beneficial outcome for your loved one’s estate.

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